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It’s easy to create a site!

You haven’t got your own site yet, but you want to build a site for your company? We may suggest that u were redirected to this page due to your inquiry “Create a site, Khabarovsk”.  And you have found the right place! It is easy to develop a site with us.

Web development is an integral part of the modern world. Nowadays neither a company nor a person who sales goods can not work without a web site. If you think about it, you are not likely to remember an advertisement or a calling card without URL. 5 831 508 sites are registered in Russia according to data of 13 January 2015. And they are not only the web sites which are referred to Runet, meaning that they are registered on the .RU, .РФ, .SU domains. Creating sites in Khabarovsk, like in the rest of the world, is becoming more and more popular.

Now it is time to realize your goals and understand what site you need.

Landing Page

Landing page is a so-called single web page that is very popular nowadays. The purpose of a landing page is to encourage a site visitor to perform a certain action. It may be, e.g. sales, buying a course, subscription to a mailing list, redirecting to the main site, i.e. the action which is the main goal of your site. Regardless of  specificity, the purpose of a landing page is to convert a visitor into a client. Thanks to high quality and well-thought-out out method of presenting information, landing pages are, as a rule, much more effective than an ordinary web page. The logical way of presenting information, an accurate structure is the reason why landing pages are called “selling”. A visitor does not need to serf the Web. Visit, see, and buy!

Corporate sites

Corporate site is not just a calling card of your company – it’s image-making, emphasis on your professionalism, the beginning of new business relations with clients and partners. A corporate site usually contains the official name of a company (not just abbreviation) , bank details, a logo and sometimes a company slogan. That is important that a site is created in the unique style of the company. Almost any corporate site includes such basic pages as: “About a company’, “Our services”, “Press centre”, etc. The purposes of these sites are , in most cases, more global and long-term than those of above-mentioned. E.g. it may be making positive company image, a marketing campaign, goods and services advertising, etc. But the main thing is to make a profit.


A catalog site is a convenient means of showing your assorted goods. It is aiming at informing company potential customers and partners. If your company sells goods, your potential customers, more likely, will not be satisfied with just the information about a company. They want to see visualized assortment. It is easy, and customers put much value upon convenience and choose it. Detailed descriptions of goods, their photographs, technical information and other useful things are placed on catalog pages. Prices are often published in catalogs too. Goods catalog lets users to order selected goods via email. A catalog site may be simplified or contain classification of goods.

Online stores

To build an online store means to do business easily. In fact, it is a catalog site of a higher level with a higher functionality. In an online store you have an opportunity to add a selected item in an electronic shopping cart, place your order , pay for it and select delivery method. There is even a possibility to monitor goods remained in stock. You can also integrate 1C data base (Russian popular business software used for Accounting, Contact Management, Inventory Management, Document Management, etc.)  with an online store – you just choose data in 1C system and they synchronize them with the store. A site search is an important part of online store software because there may be over a thousand categories of goods, but a user should not be tired of searching. We stand for our clients’ good mood and delight brought by our projects!

Information resources

News site is a powerful source of information which immerse the user in studying the information he is interested in. Such site may be devoted to any theme because there is something to be discussed in any sphere, and all kinds of information are updated every day. There may be news in the spheres of politics, culture, art, economics and sport as well as fashion trends or new recipes. It may be anything! News site may be even compared to news reports. Its main purpose is to convey the latest information that is why news on the site should be updated regularly. Otherwise, the purpose of such site is lost immediately. News site is also a powerful advertising tool which, if used properly, may bring substantial income.

Personal and portfolio websites

Personal website, also known as a portfolio website, is almost the same site as promo site but it creates not company, but certain person positive image and reputation. These sites are necessary for creative people, e.g. designers, artists, writers who want to share their works and get orders. On such websites the emphasis is on the pages devoted to specialist’ personal works.

Internet services

Internet service is a website providing free access to the Internet, i.e. it is mostly free service. Internet service may fully replace your PC programs. One more advantage is that documents are kept in the Internet, and one may work with them from any PC, one just need to log in. If a service is synchronized with the Internet, you can even work off-line. Moreover, thanks to cloud computing, you can keep more files on your PC and make it work faster.