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What is business automation

No business can do without the proper automation of business processes. In order to keep everything under control, CRM systems should be introduced into the company. CRM keeps track of your current and potential customers, and you should also enter data on leads (contacts that just learned something about your services). What is it for. In order to call the list of leads, you will surely find new customers. But the most important thing is how business automation and CRM systems are useful – this is the binding of tasks to contacts. That is, for a specific client, you can set the task “Call back in two weeks”, etc. So you will not miss a single process and will keep everything under control.

Who needs automation

To everyone. And it does not matter whether you have a large business, or a small one. Even if your company has not yet gained momentum, and you think that you know all your customers by name, you should still think about automating your business in advance. After all, you probably set a goal to increase the turnover of your company and expand your customer base, without this in any way. And it’s better to do it gradually, and not when there are over a hundred clients. Moreover, even in a small company it will be impossible to remember all the leads who called you and send your offers later.

CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management, customer relationship management system). The main objective of CRM systems is to increase the efficiency of work processes aimed at attracting and retaining customers, and in any field – in marketing, sales, service, maintenance, etc. CRM systems have some features.

The advantages of CRM-systems are obvious, and it is clearly traceable. Firstly, all customer base information is clearly structured. Accelerated search for processing and obtaining the desired contact. Having found the contact you need, you can immediately see all the tasks assigned to the client: call, meeting, letter …

CRM systems

Secondly, the system contains all the information about the company and its employees. It will be very convenient for company managers to keep a schedule of employee absences. In addition, in the CRM itself there is a shared drive of the company, which stores the files necessary for the company.

Thirdly, with regard to sales, all transactions of the company are recorded with an indication of their status. As a result, you can easily predict profit for the current month or year-end results. And in the end – an automated reporting system that helps you generate a report on transactions, goods, customers, using filters.

But the main advantage, of course, is improving the quality of customer service, minimizing the human factor and the ability to process a large amount of information in a short time.