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Company website or personal site without design is not possible. Graphic design is the cover of the site, its appearance, design, beauty. With the help of site design, its style is immediately determined. Having not yet studied the content (description of services, articles, etc.), thanks to the design, the user can immediately understand that in front of him is a business site of a serious company, an entertainment portal or a restaurant chain site. Color schemes, sharpness of lines, style of elements – these are the design tools that work in conjunction with the structure of the site and fulfill its main task – to interest and sell.


The logo makes the company recognizable and distinctive from many others. Moreover, the human mind remembers signs, symbols, emblems much better than the textual name of the company. The logo for the company is like a photograph in a person’s passport. We always want our face to look more attractive in the main document. Also, the company logo should be attractive and emphasize the image of the company. Creating logos is an important task in which you need to take into account the perception of colors for the user, the form, styles and development methods. It is better to entrust such work to professionals. The logo should be unique, simple for better memorization, original and at least a little associative. You can order a logo in Khabarovsk by clicking the button below.

Corporate identity

The correct corporate identity of a company is its beautiful marketing packaging. After all, even the most delicious candy needs a beautiful wrapper. And such a package is ideal that even the opponent of sweets will be tempted. How to make corporate identity “tasty” for your customers? We will help!

Corporate identity sets, as a rule, the corporate color, it is with him that everything starts. When developing a corporate identity, it is worth remembering the psychological effects of colors. You need to clearly know what emotions you want to arouse among site visitors and what you want to say with this color. Corporate identity consists of many components: logo, trademark, slogan, fonts. All this will make your company unique!

Brandbooks and Guidelines

If your company has a corporate identity, then you must have a brand book. Brand book is a description of brand values ​​and options for delivering them to the customer.

Guideline is a corporate identity guide that describes how to use signs, logos, and fonts. In addition to all attached electronic media for printing and marketing. This is necessary so that all elements of your corporate identity are displayed without distortion in any size. A guideline can be a part of a brand book, or be a separate document. When you have these two documents in your company, everything will be in the same style, which is considered very positive. A brand is an image of your company that works for you. Customers value brands, and give preference to you, not competitors, because they trust you. Creating a brand is a very right decision for a company.