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City Mall


Create a guide website for the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Mall. Having visited the site, the user must find out complete information about the shopping and entertainment center, its stores, cafes and restaurants, events, promotions and much more.


Development of the corporate website of the shopping center, where the entire structure of the center is traced in the menu Having visited the site, from the first second it’s clear where to click to find this or that information. In turn, the “Shops” section is divided into categories.


On the site you can find any information about the shopping and entertainment center! Even if you are not just a buyer, but, for example, a job seeker or advertiser. Despite the fact that the site provides comprehensive information, the site does not look overloaded.

Inner Pages

The site is very informative. Each entry has its own text description and image.

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