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When a site doesn’t lead customers, when users cannot find the information they need, it’s time to change something. The old site was very mediocre and did not arouse the interest of users. The goal in this case was to increase the number of customers through the site and provide users with the convenience of being on the site.


Redesign the site with a new structure. To develop a conceptually different design, eye-catching. In addition to the site itself, to develop a new company logo in a more strict style.


The site design is unusual and not like many others due to its horizontal orientation. Users are used to seeing menus at the top and flipping pages down. This time we decided that it would be different, and the customer supported us in this.

Прототип - фундамент проекта

When developing an online store, and in general any project, even not complicated at first glance, it is important to correctly prototype pages. Having evaluated the finished prototype, the customer imagines what his site will look like in the future. While there is no design, it’s more correct and much easier to plan all the functionality to the smallest detail, not paying attention to the beauty.

Despite the seriousness of the topic – construction and building materials, the site was not boring, but rather bright and memorable.

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