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Khersones – groupage operator


Attracting customers in the field of customs clearance and cargo escort. Moreover, the scope is not only Russia, but also the English-speaking, as well as the Chinese-speaking population.


The corporate website of Chersonesus was developed in three versions: in Russian, English and Chinese. The site provides a list of services with the ability to order each directly from the main page, which is undoubtedly convenient.


Since the site is intended for a multilingual audience and representatives of different countries interact on it, the footer of the site contains a blog with exchange rates, as well as local and Moscow time. All for the convenience of users of the site.

Page Prototypes

It is important to responsibly approach the development of site prototypes so as not to miss a single detail. And this is more difficult to do, as long as there is no design, because “beauty” does not distract from the functional.

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