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Why usability testing is used

Usability is an important tool that provides users with the convenience of working with the site, and you have a high percentage of sales. The usability task is to keep the customer on the site and stimulate him to complete the order.

Usability testing should be carried out if you have a sufficient number of users per day on the site, but they do not make orders. What’s the matter? Why didn’t the site bring the client to a transaction or call to the company?

The thing is that the user is not comfortable on your site. This prevents him from completing the session, and he simply leaves the site without buying anything.

Site audit allows you to determine the behavioral factor of the user and make the interface of your site “friendly”. Thanks to modern technology, you can easily analyze the site and receive data, even tracking the user’s eyes. Eye-tracking technology, using a special device, allows you to track human eye movements when browsing a website.

User analysis

User analysis is carried out in order to determine the target group of your site. The form of information submission depends on who your online project is focused on. You can find out everything about your target audience – from age and gender to the taste preferences and tasks that the user has on the site. User analysis can be carried out in two ways: a survey (questionnaire) or web analytics.

Site Usability Audit

Usability audit allows us to identify and subsequently eliminate the main problems of the site. This is exactly what we talked about at the beginning. It is carried out in cases when the site has a low conversion, i.e. few targeted actions when you want to increase the number of calls, registrations, orders. Also, site audit helps in case of inconvenient navigation, with a long search for elements, with a poor perception of content.

Split testing

The purpose of split testing is to compare and contrast two or more variations of a web page. Two pages are launched at the same time and analyzed which of them is most popular among users. This is convenient when you are in doubt about which color to choose for any element, which heading to give the article, etc. As a result, you get a performance report on both pages.

Usability testing

During the usability testing, all interface problems are identified and eliminated. This method of testing is the most accurate and objective, since it is carried out by means of real users, and from the necessary target group. Users are attracted who want to buy your product, and in the course of their interaction, disadvantages and shortcomings are revealed.