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What is website promotion for?

The most important mission of any site is to obtain the maximum number of visitors and derive any benefit from this, for example, converting visitors to company customers, registering users, etc. Therefore, simply developing a website and launching it is in most cases not enough. It is necessary to carry out a set of measures for its promotion and advertising.

Website promotion and contextual advertising are powerful tools to attract users to your online resource. Let’s deal with each of them separately.

SEO (Search Engine Promotion)

Website promotion, or as it is called ceo promotion (SEO – Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization) is used to ensure that your site is as high as possible when searching for a site in Yandex or Google. The result of search engine optimization will be Top-10, Top-5, and eventually, possibly, Top-1.

The seo promotion process is quite lengthy and depends on a number of factors, one of which is your competitors. The freer the market for your services, the easier it will be to get to the first positions.

To increase site traffic, our experts conduct a number of events:

  • Firstly, you need to conduct a search audit of the site in order to make recommendations for improving the site and work out a strategy for its promotion.
  • The main and important step in SEO is building the semantic core of the site. A SEO specialist selects keywords in a given subject area with the highest frequency by which your site will appear in search results.
  • The content and structure of the site should be optimized so that all pages are linked by hyperlinks, and the site structure is simple and understandable not only to search robots, but also to users.
  • Writing unique textual content will allow you to quickly raise your site to the top. If the texts are written specifically for your project, and their uniqueness is more than 75%, this will positively affect the promotion.

As well as registering a site in search engines, registering in directories, increasing the link mass of a site, connecting attendance monitoring systems, placing contextual and display advertising – all this is included in the promotion service.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising allows you to get your site at the very top of a Yandex or Google page at the request of a user on the first day. This is a quick and very effective way to promote, as such advertising is shown to users who are looking for a given product or service. Contextual advertising is aimed specifically at specific users who are looking specifically for your requests “here and now”. The advantage of such advertising is its cost. You pay only for clicks, for the transfer of the user to your site. No need to pay in vain for ads that they might see, or maybe not. And if they see it, then it may be people of your target audience who do not need this service.

Display ad

Display advertising is an advertising text and graphic block placed on various Internet sites. This type of advertising attracts the Internet user, and he goes to your site. Advertising on the site differs from advertising in print media except for the presence of hyperlinks and animation.

SMM (promotion on social networks)

SMM (Social media marketing) – increase traffic to your site by promoting on social networks. Usually, thanks to social networks, users themselves distribute content, without the participation of the organizer. It is believed that messages on social networks cause more trust, because they are distributed by the same consumers.

Copywriting (texts and articles for the site)

Proper copywriting is the key to success, because it is through words that it is easiest to reach a person. Now with ordinary articles on the site you will not surprise anyone. The buyer has become picky and incredulous. In order for the user to decide to click on the “Order” button on your website, he needs to be correctly brought to this. It helps to do selling texts. We know how to correctly compose triggers and write the correct offer in our online agency.

If you still have any questions on this interesting topic, then we are waiting for you to visit us to discuss in more detail in a warm, friendly atmosphere. We wish you only the first positions!