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State Nature Reserve “Bureinsky”


Open an additional site using the Internet. To attract the population, to educate in schoolchildren, youth and the adult generation a craving for nature protection, to talk about the reserve and the animal and plant world inhabited by it.


“Green”, natural design, “live” slider immerse the visitor in the center of the reserve. The Russian and English versions of the site are provided so that there are no language barriers to “solitude with nature”.



Inner Pages ...

… they admire the beauty of photographs of landscapes, touches with photographs of birds and animals, make you think about ecology and nature conservation. Informative and instructive publications reinforce the visual effect with words. Scientific articles, annals of nature and other interesting materials of the state nature reserve.

And as a result …

A riot of greenery, pictures of animals that are so close and seem to be about to reach us on the other side of the screen, have plunged the user into the world of love for nature, ecology, clean forests and rivers.